Hijab Tutorial

For this entry, i’ll show you guys a hijab tutorial. This tutorial selected based on my observation on hijab fashion nowadays. So, let’s get started!

::Turban Inspired::

Featured Item :
Essential Scarf in Bronze ♥ Earth Tone Series

You may need pin or brooch and few slips to secure the position of your scarf

::Essential Scarf::

Featured item :

Essential scarf in Midnidght

::Two Pieces of Scarf::

Featured item :
Essential scarf in lime green and light coco

::Hijab with Accessories::

What do you need ?
Slip/ pins, long scarf, necklace, cap/ inner/ inner neck covering

Featured item :
Essential Scarf from Shawlbyvsnow
Necklace from ‘Diva’

::Square Scarf::

What do you need to have :
Square Scarf, slip/ pins, cap/ inner, accessories

Featured item :
Square scarf from Shawlbyvsnow

::Half Moon Shawl::

Featured item :
Half Moon Shawl

::Turban Style::

Featured item :
Shawl, Inner neck

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Hair Care Under Hijab

Hijab is a great protection for your hair as it never gets exposed to outside elements such as the sun, wind, air, rain, smog and other forms of pollution. In addition, women who wear hijab are much less likely to use excessive amounts of hairspray or to curl their hair regularly, both of which damage the hair and may cause it to break and fall out.

arab-women-in-hijab-25aSo, here are few things we can do to take a good care of our hair and handle the hair-loss from wearing hijab:

#Keep your bonnet/inner/underscarf loose. This would give some air circulation on your head scalp. And it’s better to use inner from natural fibres, such as cotton.

#Switch your hijab style. Try the loose ones. There are many loose hijab styles you can try.

#Keep your ponytail or bun loose. If you braid or tie your hair into a ponytail/bun under your headscarf, keep it loose, so it won’t draw your hair.

#Do not braid or ponytail your hair, or put on your headscarf, when your hair is still wet. Allow your hair to air dry after shampooing. The humidity on your head scalp could grow dandruff or microorganisms that can trigger a hair-loss.

#Giving your hair some cream or hair oil (if your hair is dry), rich vitamin, and soft message to help your hair grow better. You can go to Salon/Hair Spa, or just do it yourself at home.

#Let your hair breath. Whenever you get a chance to take the hijab off, just do it. For example: during your visit at your friend’s house where there’s only women and children around; during lunch/pray time (if you are a working woman), you can go to the bathroom to open the headscarf for a while and brush your hair; and also as soon as you get home, open your headscarf!

#Get your hair being shampoo-ed 3 to 4 times a week, and don’t forget to moisten your hair using  hair conditioner. Find shampoo and conditioner that most suitable to your hair.

I also found a great video w/advice specifically for taking care of your hair while wearing hijab:

So, do you have any other tips to take care of hair under hijab? Share with me here.. 🙂



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Beautiful muslim princess all over the world

Talk about muslim princess,highlight were given to the glamorous and brilliant Queen Rania of Jordan.Dabbed as one of Forbes 100 Most Power Women,with the access and quality that she posses she raise the image of muslim women and correct the misconception to the western world.She leads a revolutionary movement throughout the Middle East and the world for women.She leads many organizations and charities.

Lets get to know our beautiful muslim princess…

12snap_painter_gallery__470x318Saudi Princess Nouf bint Bandar Al-Saud

40136-amwalSheikha Hanadi bint Nasser bin Khaled Al Thani of Qatar

article-0-02368C9300000578-272_468x660Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum of Dubai

Wedding of King Mohammed VI of MorrocoPrincess Lalla Salma of Morocco

cats3Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan/Uae

hhhu9Tuanku Zara Salim ,from Kedah/Perak royalty.Malaysia

PermaisuriPermaisuri Nur Zahira.Present Malaysia Queen

picnikcollagekRaja Syahirah Aisyah,Terengganu Royalty.Malaysia

Princess RaiyahPrincess Haya Bint Al-Hussein of Jordan/Uae


Queen Rania of Jordan

Resize of Tunku Aminah in NonaTunku Aminah of Johor royalty.Malaysia

royal_18Princess Iman of Jordan

tg_amalin_aisyahTengku Amalin Aisyah of Kelantan,Malaysia

zzzzzzzzzzvPrincess Sarah of Brunei


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Muslim Bridal Around The World

Generally, Muslim dresses vary from country to country, but all feature several layers of clothing, as well as a head covering. The colors vary with the styles, with a bridal white preferred in some countries and different colors in others.

Omani Bridal



thmb_2-1210749186-4pic source : howtolivelikeanomaniprincess.blogspot.com

Malaysian Bridal

20060822_22pic source : malaysianhijab.blogspot.com

3366573837_267dfc4dedpic source : hijabstyle.co.uk

Women-Asian-Wedding-Dress-Hijab-Malaysian-People-600x364_largepic source : weheartit.com

Egyptian Bridal

oman 1pic source : aswakegypt.com

egypt 3pic source : muslimah-today.com

egypt 2pic source : worldfashionspot.com

Turkish Bridal

Bala Couture goldpic source : bridesmaidsguide.blogspot.com

184929128419621299_7AoewOB0_c147pic source : pinterestfirst.com

Crescent Moonpic source : bridewearshijab.blogspot.com

Nigerian Muslim Bridal

Nigerian-wedding-muslim-brides1pic source : nigerianwedding.org

Nigerian-wedding-muslim-bride-by-Bellisimo-makeoverspic source : africanwedding.blogspot.com

Indian Muslim Bridal


ae8c2004efc986b8cc49b536d81cc224pic sourcehttp://pinterest.com

Hope these will inspire my beloved sisters in Islam.

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Western Style Hijab Fashion

In western culture, Modern Hijab is introduced which is worn by both muslim and non-muslim women just for fashion. Let’s take a look at Hijab styles.

Western Style Hijab Fashion (9)


Western Style Hijab Fashion (4)

Western Style Hijab Fashion (5)

Western Style Hijab Fashion (6)

Western Style Hijab Fashion (7)

Western Style Hijab Fashion (8)


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Fashion in Dubai #Glamorous

Hijab is normally considered to be a moderate outfit with a concealing the head, hair and neck as well. Other than hijab Muslim girls can use other cloth materials to cover up their exposed parts. Lots of stylish hijabs are rushing in the market so you can keep remain your modesty together with elegance by using such stylish hijabs. Dubai hijab style has deviated the lifestyle, holy determination and standard of living. Typically the Arabic-speaking community is culturally plus fiscally different, as well as that is resembled in its designs. Quite a few hijab styles worn out in the Arabic-speaking planet are common, although hijab and substantial vogue have aligned for making ever-evolving versions.

New societies of Egypt along with the Maghreb incorporate a mixture of Arab-speaking impacts with ancient Berber civilizations, and also this displays in their costume. Tuareg girls dress in Dubai hijab style that deal with the full body, Souled Claw girls wears spacious, vibrant colored scalp covers and Egypt females don neckties embellished with pompoms. Through the entire Arabic-speaking earth, although mainly in the Maghreb, females may spruce up outfits with loose change. Most women doing work outside the household may possibly put on bright-colored rectangular headscarves, strapped at the rear of the pinnacle.

The cost-effective growth of entire Gulf Arab-speaking cities brought growth to females with optional earnings and style. Hijab has become substantial trend, and mags throughout Egypt as well as the Uae show the most recent variations and lessons on intricate methods.

Fashion Sheyla greywww.lebaas.co.uk

344-e1358843568723Dubai Abaya 2013








Fashion Sheyla pink blue newwww.lebaas.co.uk

::Dubai Dreams::

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#Palestine #Loves #Tears

I cannot completely understand Palestinian women or their suffering.  I don’t know how I would have survived such humiliation, such disrespect from the whole world.  All I know is that the voice of mothers has been suffocated for too long in this war-stricken planet. . .This I know and it is very little.  But it is enough for me to remember these women are my sisters, and that they deserve that I should cry for them, and fight for them.


Palestinian women in Rafahdesertpeace.wordpress.com




Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian Woman and Child

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