Hijab Styles For Your Face Shape

Choosing the right outfit is a matter of personal style sometimes- but choosing the right hijab style can be a little bit more complicated. There are many styles you have probably wore -and some have it very easy to find what hijab style suits  best according to their face shape, but for others who don’t know exactly which style would look best, here are some demonstration that will help you with that:

The round face shape: 

For all women that have a round face, it is suggestible to avoid underscarves that are pulled down over the forehead because it makes your face look shorter. If you like wearing underscarves then just hide it good so it doesn’t show on your forehead.  For this type of face the hijab is recommended to start at the beginning of the hairline, such as shown in this picture.

How-To-Wear-Hijab-Modern-Gallery10Long/Rectangular Face Shape: 

If you have a long/rectangular face shape, then avoid hijab styles that that cling tightly around your face because it will make the rectangular face look longer . Instead try putting the underscrap down on your forehead- by doing so your face will look shorter. Pay more attention on exposing your cheekbones and always wear a hijab that has volume and ruffles such as shown in the picture:

recatngulat faceOval Face Shape: 

Oval face shape is considered as the best one when it comes to hijab styles because it will 100% look good at any style you choose.

muslim-women-hijab-fashion-2The Heart Face Shape: 

If you have a heart face shape, avoid wearing tight hijabs , especially on the forehead. Instead keep it draped in a loose effect by creating gentle folds, especially on that area.


Source : http://scanfree.org/hijab-styles-for-your-face-shape/

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