Hair Care Under Hijab

Hijab is a great protection for your hair as it never gets exposed to outside elements such as the sun, wind, air, rain, smog and other forms of pollution. In addition, women who wear hijab are much less likely to use excessive amounts of hairspray or to curl their hair regularly, both of which damage the hair and may cause it to break and fall out.

arab-women-in-hijab-25aSo, here are few things we can do to take a good care of our hair and handle the hair-loss from wearing hijab:

#Keep your bonnet/inner/underscarf loose. This would give some air circulation on your head scalp. And it’s better to use inner from natural fibres, such as cotton.

#Switch your hijab style. Try the loose ones. There are many loose hijab styles you can try.

#Keep your ponytail or bun loose. If you braid or tie your hair into a ponytail/bun under your headscarf, keep it loose, so it won’t draw your hair.

#Do not braid or ponytail your hair, or put on your headscarf, when your hair is still wet. Allow your hair to air dry after shampooing. The humidity on your head scalp could grow dandruff or microorganisms that can trigger a hair-loss.

#Giving your hair some cream or hair oil (if your hair is dry), rich vitamin, and soft message to help your hair grow better. You can go to Salon/Hair Spa, or just do it yourself at home.

#Let your hair breath. Whenever you get a chance to take the hijab off, just do it. For example: during your visit at your friend’s house where there’s only women and children around; during lunch/pray time (if you are a working woman), you can go to the bathroom to open the headscarf for a while and brush your hair; and also as soon as you get home, open your headscarf!

#Get your hair being shampoo-ed 3 to 4 times a week, and don’t forget to moisten your hair using  hair conditioner. Find shampoo and conditioner that most suitable to your hair.

I also found a great video w/advice specifically for taking care of your hair while wearing hijab:

So, do you have any other tips to take care of hair under hijab? Share with me here.. 🙂



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