Color Blocking Fashion for Muslimah

Color blocking is wearing strategically placed complimentary yet contrasting BOLD colors in one outfit.
Using a color wheel can help you pick the right colors for your outfit.
  1. Find complimentary colors using the rule of two-thirds.
  2. Pick a color you really want to wear
  3. then draw an equilateral triangle(all 3 sides will be of equal length) have  other colors at each corner.
  4. Pick one other color (besides the one that you started with) that touched one of the corners of the triangle.

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Tribal Shawl!

Long shawl crafted from cotton in tribal print. Wear it as a headscarf or wrap it over your neck, this shawl is versatile all year round!

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Turkish Hijab Fashion Trends

Hijab prevails all over the world, in Muslim communities. Turkey is one of the Muslim countries, which is full of fashion and style. The women in Turkey are not just simple hidden and covered women, but they are very stylish, modern, working women, in the world. They not only follow fashion, but also their traditions with grace and elegance. This hijab is followed by every single women of Muslim community, and females in turkey also obey this trend. But Turkish hijab fashion trends change over the period. It has gone from simple dramatic look to creative, liberal look.

In early stages the Turkish hijab fashion trends, were to keep the hijab as it is, and you can call it bursa. This is in black color only, and completely covers the face, hands, head and the toes. But now Turkish hijab fashion trends are very modern and fashion, and that bursa has been converted to an “Abaya”. Which fulfills all the demands of that old one, but now in a very colorful and trendy way? It is inspired by the modem fabric designees, and is very versatile. The designs are unique and incredible to experience.

turkish-hijab-style-pictures (29)

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Kids in Hijab

In today world, there is a wave of fashion, so it may never leave kids behind. Kids in hijab look not only beautiful but also very much Islamic in their own way. In Islam it is obligatory for the girls as well as women to be in hijab i.e. their heads must be covered by the scarf. So, Muslim mothers incorporate this habit in their girls from their childhood. So a huge verity of kid’s hijab is in the market for the Muslim women and girls. Such kids in hijab are part of the Muslim society and culture and display a very cute and stylish look.

Kids in hijab may look over costumed, and over cultured but this can be made a lot more happening in today world. This look is created by the help of exited new colors combinations and glitters and new and unique fabrics and creative prints. People may find the Islamic kids caring hijab a symbol of culture and an honor for their cultural followings. This also shows that the kids are inspired by the footsteps of the elders and are very much respectful to what they are following and be a part of the same custom.

hijab-kids-fashion (3)

hijab-kids-fashion (1)

niña lectora (3)

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Full Body Cover up Swimsuits (Burkini)

Full body cover up swimsuits or called also Burkini,  cover the whole body except the face, hands and feet in accordance with Muslim views on modesty. While summer comes closer everyday, we all want to enjoy swimming and a good laugh gathering with family and friends at the beach- and having the right burkini makes things even better.

Nowadays you can find everything you like, and as fashion combines with modesty, these trends on full body cover up swimsuit will make any muslim woman feel comfortable and dressed with modesty in the beach.

Have a look at these pictures about the latest trends on burkini…

1270006178_84609745_1-Pictures-of-Muslimah-Swimsuit MoS2 Template Master Eliza MG_0062-682x1024 MG_3342A muslim_swimwear

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Hijab Styles For Your Face Shape

Choosing the right outfit is a matter of personal style sometimes- but choosing the right hijab style can be a little bit more complicated. There are many styles you have probably wore -and some have it very easy to find what hijab style suits  best according to their face shape, but for others who don’t know exactly which style would look best, here are some demonstration that will help you with that:

The round face shape: 

For all women that have a round face, it is suggestible to avoid underscarves that are pulled down over the forehead because it makes your face look shorter. If you like wearing underscarves then just hide it good so it doesn’t show on your forehead.  For this type of face the hijab is recommended to start at the beginning of the hairline, such as shown in this picture.

How-To-Wear-Hijab-Modern-Gallery10Long/Rectangular Face Shape: 

If you have a long/rectangular face shape, then avoid hijab styles that that cling tightly around your face because it will make the rectangular face look longer . Instead try putting the underscrap down on your forehead- by doing so your face will look shorter. Pay more attention on exposing your cheekbones and always wear a hijab that has volume and ruffles such as shown in the picture:

recatngulat faceOval Face Shape: 

Oval face shape is considered as the best one when it comes to hijab styles because it will 100% look good at any style you choose.

muslim-women-hijab-fashion-2The Heart Face Shape: 

If you have a heart face shape, avoid wearing tight hijabs , especially on the forehead. Instead keep it draped in a loose effect by creating gentle folds, especially on that area.


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#DenimJackets #Hijab

Denim jackets are so in right now!!

You can create your own style with basic denim pieces. Mix-match the clothes and the headscarves you-already-have-in-your-wardrobe with a pair of jeans/denim trousers, denim skirt, denim vest or jacket; Or simply wear a denim maxi dress with colorful headscarf.

Jacket Jeans (2)

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